The Census is Coming

Are these not forms of slavery?

Yes, we have to work that much harder; we have to be that much smarter. Yes, we have to face unfair disadvantages in this country, but should we allow that to also hinder our evolution? With the physical chains broken, why must we now enslave our chances of prosperity and longevity with a stubborn resistance to honest accountability?

It is heartbreaking to see those descended from the Kings and Queens of Africa- and the architects of the Pyramids of Giza- reduced to dwelling in the projects, settling for mediocrity. People of African descent comprise the majority of the global population, yet vast numbers of us still have the mind-set of a minority. While we can march, riot, and boycott our way to superficial equality, only once we realize that we have never been “less than”, will we as a people equal more than the sum of our parts.

As Simone de Beauvoir said, “It is in the knowledge of the genuine conditions of our lives that we must draw our strength to live and our reasons for acting”.

We must brave the deep waters of self-actualization and emerge enlightened so that we are able to powerfully embrace the knowledge that we have always been-and will continue to be- the captains of our own course, in complete control of our independence and freedom.