Trash Collection Days May Change in Certain Carson Neighborhoods

Certain Carson neighborhoods may experience a change in the schedule of the collection of their trash, green waste and recycling as part of efforts of Waste Management, Carson’s trash hauler, to increase efficiency in its services.

The reroute is scheduled to begin on the week of June 27 and will impact approximately 6,000 homes in four geographic locations in the city.  It is the first re-route to take place in 20 years, despite the growth of Carson ’s infrastructure and population.

The locations that will be impacted include homes inside the perimeter of Avalon Boulevard, University Drive, Wilmington Avenue and Del Amo Boulevard; neighborhoods inside the perimeter of Carson Street, Avalon Boulevard, 223rd Street and Main Street; neighborhoods bordered by Avalon Boulevard, 213th Street, Carson Street, Orrick Avenue, Javelin Street and Grace Avenue; and neighborhoods bordered by Avalon Boulevard, 213th Street, Wilmington Avenue and 223rd Street.  Residents in the affected areas are currently being notified by Waste Management of the new schedule through door hangers.

By adjusting its routes, Waste Management anticipates an increase in efficiency, a decrease in traffic on local streets and an improved quality of services to its Carson customers.