Carson Mayor Urges Participation in Carson’s First “4th of July”

Carson Mayor Urges Participation In Carson’s First “4th of July” Celebration at the Home Depot Center Following the LA Galaxy vs. Seatle Sounders FC Match on Sunday.

In the year or so that I had the pleasure of being in and around Carson, observing and particpating in the special election and other activities, it amazed me to see the less than professional behavior of the city council of the City of Carson. From what I gathered back then, this phenomena is not new to this city nor to the the existing and/or prior City Councilmembers. All members are voted in, by the citizens of the City of Carson, with the hope they will guide this wonderful City to bigger and better things. It is a shame that the members seem to forget this and appear to take pride in their personal gains and silly power struggles. Why not have a fancy fair or carnival acts next time rather than an election.

Thank you, Gwen, for weighing in. Though the issue itself is trivial, the implications of it not being resolved are far-reaching.

As succinctly as possible: The council members are out of order. Mayor Jim Dear is the chair of the city council meetings, and it is the responsibility of the council members to respect the “Chair.” This does not mean they have to like him, but at a bare minimum they must respect the position which he holds. They don’t have to sit around a camp fire, hold hands, and sing Kumbaya; however, per Robert’s Rules of Law, their passive-aggressive behavior is interrupting council meeting, and thus, they are out of order.

That is not opinion. That is fact. And quite frankly, I’m surprised that Mayor Dear has handled the situation as calmly as he has.

However, the fact also remains, that too much time is being lost to this foolishness, and it needs to be settled…sooner rather than later.

I have personally met each of the parties in this situation, and I have no doubt that each of them care about the citizens which they serve. So, while I do understand, and share, your frustration, I wouldn’t start organizing the carnival just yet. I have complete faith that a resolution will be reached that makes the citizens of the City of Carson proud.